Developer collaboration

ITS Factory offers tools for the development of intelligent transport services. Open data allows for the development of new applications, products and services. The close-knit development community promotes the utilisation of open data.

Testing environment

ITS Factory offers its participants the physical transport system of the Tampere City region as a testing environment. Information on the flow of vehicular transport and its status at any moment is gathered continually from various sources. The status of public transport is monitored in real time. In addition, information on parking, pedestrians, and cyclists is available.

End user point of view

ITS Factory facilitates the testing of services and systems in order for them to meet the needs of the end-users - city residents, businesses, and the public sector. The Tampere City Region offers excellent opportunities for testing new intelligent transport solutions on end users.


ITS Factory roadmap collects information on what the public sector players and companies are doing in the field of intelligent transport regarding their schedules and the kinds of interfaces used. The ITS Factory Roadmap presents products and services offered by ITS Factory members. There are also short descriptions of research and innovation projects in which ITS Factory members are involved. Roadmap will be updated regularly with new innovations.
ITS Factory Online Roadmap


ITS Factory offers its members a broad contact network from the field of intelligent transport. Among other things, it organises events and seminars for those needing services and those offering them, produces market situation reviews, and promotes activities in the sector.


ITS Factory stresses the importance of standardisation and facilitates the players in the field in open interface solutions. It unifies the operating models of buyers and sellers.