How it works


Developing intelligent transport requires the input of all parties involved in it. Participation in the activities of ITS Factory is open to all players in intelligent transport, both nationally and internationally. The public sector maintains the organization, makes it possible to use the transport infrastructure of the city region as a test environment, and produces and submits data via open interfaces. Solutions are either based on existing standards or those being worked upon.


Companies that sign the ITS Factory collaboration and partnership agreement, such as the equipment suppliers for intelligent transport, vehicle manufacturers, information service providers, operators, and research and educational institutions, develop, test, pilot, and productise intelligent transport solutions either on their own or in collaboration with the ITS Factory partners. The New Factory innovation and enterprise incubator operates in close cooperation with ITS Factory.

New business opportunities

ITS Factory offers the opportunity for pilot projects and experimentation. The public sector and private enterprises in this field can openly test and develop applications and evaluate their impact. Refining innovations into products and services creates new business. ITS Factory is investing into increasing the attractiveness of intelligent transport as a sector of industry. It also supports the internationalisation and export opportunities of the companies involved.