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TINAT - Automated testing during the work machine integration stage

Targeted results

1. A concept for automated testing which includes

a. Simulation models of mechanical structures (real-time)

b. Management of a number of use situations, failure combinations and misuses

c. Description of use and failure situations in a simulation environment

d. Classification and analysis of simulation result response signals

e. Meters for the acceptability of results

f. Documentation and reporting in accordance with safety regulations

g. Independence from manufacturers

2. Two case studies as a test of the concept’s functionality

New expertise and knowledge to be accumulated

  • Demands set by automated testing on virtual models and control systems.
  • Systematic and automated test routines.
  • Knowledge, instructions, models and algorithms for automated testing, which can be further applied to companies’ products.




Responsible research institute:

Prof. Petteri Multanen (TTY/IHA)
Tel. +358 50 5994 329

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