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HIMA - Human detection in the mobile work machine environment

Targeted results

1. Reliable human detection and identification that meets safety regulations and is feasible in terms of cost, in the immediate vicinity of a mobile work machine. Safety requirements e.g. SIL 2 or SIL3.

2. Devices, methods and algorithms for human detection in demanding and changing worksite conditions.

3. Identification of other worksite objects (fixed or moving) so that a work machine can move safely utilizing the above-mentioned systems.

New expertise and knowledge to be accumulated

Generic human detection methods particularly for utilization in work machines, which meet safety requirements.

Knowledge of measuring methods and devices for environmental perception that are best suited for work machines.



11/2007 - 12/2009

Responsible research institute:

Prof. Jouko Viitanen (VTT)
Tel. +358 40 545 5917

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