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MOTTI - Data management in a multi-machine environment

Project targets

Generic control architecture for multi-machine systems

Project defines multi-machine system control architecture, its sections and their interfaces, thus compiling a generic view of a multi-machine system’s structure. The architecture will include the definition of a generic machine interface, enabling the building of generic components on various machine groups, such as user interfaces, traffic control systems, task management systems, etc.

The architecture also defines the data that is exchanged in the system and how it is xchanged. It is also important to clarify the impact of different kinds of work tasks on nformation needs and to find a sufficiently comprehensive general area to be used to develop a generic interface and architecture.

Communication model of a multi-machine system

A communication model for a multi-operator system, which enables the development of a generic machine interface prototype and does not restrict control architecture models

The aim is a generic interface prototype that enables:

- The connectability of different kinds of machines in a system

- The classification of data in a multi-machine system

- The generation of new types of data exchange models through the interaction of several machines




Responsible research institute:

HUT Helsinki University of Technology

Dr. Tech. Jussi Suomela
tel. +358 50 337 7704
jussi.suomela (at) tkk.fi

Project homepage

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